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Originally Posted by TeamAyu2004 View Post
I was at the concert last night and I have to say it was an amazing show.
Teared up when i heard Heaven. And to finish with Who... such an amazing show.

Wish I could go again, but Ill settle with the live tonight

EDIT: Whoever was asking who was with Ayu during the stage part was rising, it was Lee.

Also, not to bring anything else up about the "burqa" debate, but people need to understand there is a difference between a burqa and a Hijab. Please feel free to message me about it. Ayumi did not have women glad in burqa on her stage.
Sadly it was a burqa costume. Everything but the eyes was covered. I just looked at my photos again. If it would have been just a hijab I wouldn't have said anything.

Edit: Here is a photo of it.

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