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Release Date: 13 December 2001
AVPD-91090~1(SLPM 65086~7)
AVPD-91092~3(SLPS 25071~2)
[2 DVDs]

-PlayAsia Item Description-

A Visual Mix: Ayumi Hamasaki Dome Tour 2001 A is a two-disc package featuring renowned JPOP singer, Hamasaki Ayumi. It is comprised of three things...

A Visual Mix - more of an interactive movie than a game, where you have the ability to switch, rotate and zoom in/out cameras, depending upon the place and setting of each of the song included. You can hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons while switching camera views for various morphing effects. In additiona to that, you can create various visual effects on the stage, such as lightning, fire, picture distorsion, falling leaves, and other magical effects. The songs included are Evolution, Never Ever, A Song for XX, Vogue, and Trauma, respectively.

Ayu-Mix Studio - having two songs only, Unite! and Endless Sorrow, which you can re-mix at your own leisure, and to have something to start with, you have three preset versions of each song.

Ayu Browser - a web browser in Ayu style.
- Divine ayu
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