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Lol wow people are really bent outta shape after that last comment of mine.

And sure, have your opinion, but if you don’t like it why would it matter if you don’t get to see it then (for those who dislike the new version)? Just be unbothered like RealLight.

As mentioned, I never was utterly obsessed with the idea of her performing the song like a lot of people were, but felt the way she finally debuted it was prime. You get half that somber charm before it launches into an aggressive nature that adds more depth to the reality of what it’s like to lose a person. That dichotomy in energy levels of the song’s performance has an amazing impact! Additionally, I don’t feel her voice would be able to carry out the original or HALS MIX to its full potential, but what it can do is carry it half way and then bring it on home with her more full bodied rock tone.