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I watched the concert - thank you guys for posting the link. It's the first live broadcast I've watched in full from Ayu.

I'll get the negative stuff out of the way first which was the lack of the band and Ayu's vocals. I would say a live band is a must for me (although to be fair I got used to Namie not having a band) and Ayu especially as I've become attached to the members over the years. I always get a little worried that when her band isn't there that this is the start of them appearing less and less even if I don't think this is going to be the case!

The vocals weren't great and she relied on a lot of backing track. I do wonder if this is going be how she is going to sound going forward. I get it as she's never been known for her vocals in the first place, probably doesn't have a good technique, has been touring for the best part of 20 years and you have her hearing issues to add to that! I hope her vocals can improve on the next tour though.

Onto the positives!

I loved the choir, taiko drums and string section. I wasn't a fan of the drums when she's used them in the past but they worked so well here especially in Brillante Speaking of, I'm always chuffed when she performs Brillante as I always figured it would be a song she would perform once and that's it.

The choir sounded so good in Walking Proud! I'd definitely be up for album of re-recorded songs.

The setlist was great and I thought she sounded best on Bold & Delicious and Born To Be (has she ever performed these songs together before?) What a combo! Although I would like to see her do the original version of B&D again, I did really enjoy the new arrangement this time round.

I loved Yongae!

I was getting a bit tired of the Lelio/XOXO medley so the Sparkle/NaNaNa/etc medley sounded great! (Although they do drag Sparkle out a bit for my liking)

The show just looked great in general. I thought the dancers had some better choreography too.

So bring on the upcoming tour!
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