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2012.3.21 in stores
PLAYBUTTON (18 titles total)

AQZD-50664『A Song for ××』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50665『LOVEppears』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50666『Duty』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50667『 BEST』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50668『I am...』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50669『RAINBOW』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50670『Memorial address』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50671『MY STORY』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50672『(miss)understood』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50673『Secret』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50674『 BEST 2 -BLACK-』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50675『 BEST 2 -WHITE-』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50676『GUILTY』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50677『NEXT LEVEL』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50678『Rock'n'Roll Circus』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50679『Love songs』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50680『FIVE』¥2,800 (tax incl.)

AQZD-50681『Party Queen』¥3,000 (tax incl.)

thanks Misa-chan for traslation

A special metal badge-button that is actually a music player, available for immediate listening upon purchase. Highly fashionable, the new media is the current hot topic globally.

- Playing of pre-installed music is allowed. Pre-installed music cannot be erased.
- Date moving, uploading and downloading is not allowed.
- There is no extra memory to install more songs.
- The unit does not come with earphones.
- Please charge the battery before first usage.

Additional Items
- USB Charger Cable
- User Manual

how it looks

Preorder links

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