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Originally Posted by Xianghua View Post
Oh, don't people want to know what was done for her anniversary day?

We were given the instructions when we entered to surprise Ayu. In the encore after MC, she was going to start singing Surreal. But Zin came out on stage and stopped her. She was all surprised. Then they showed a slideshow the staff made showing all her milestones, first single, first album, first dome/stadium tour/CDL and the showed all her past arena tours. The audience sang this line from WHO:

But, replaced "anata" with "Ayu"!

And Ayu was so touched and she even cried a little. They brought out a cake and took pictures with the audience facing the back of the cake.
SO SWEET! thanks for sharing this, I really needed to read something positive

EDIT: Found these pictures, recycled or not, she looks great!


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