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Originally Posted by SKYia View Post
I've been to the July 21st concert and I can't call it good vocals because of the overuse of chipmunk voice which was like 90% of the concert. Seriously, play How beautiful you are form AT2012 and then the same song from CDL 14-15 and that's what I'm talking about. If only she got rid of the chipmunk it would be amazing vocal. Visually the concert was amazing, I had great seats 17th row in the arena, close to the catwalk, the best seats I ever had in big arena, the only better seats were row 10 in the hall tour in Kobe in February. But even despite the chipmunk, Ever Free was amazing! It's the only song I really want to listen again to, the rest I'm more interested to see than to listen to, unless they can minimalize the chipmunk voice after editing the video.
Personally, I never even noticed the chipmunk vocals until the prebold and delicious dance and they were extremely annoying then. But what really irritated me was the green frogman that stuck out completely and who's ridiculous face ruined every shot he was in with Ayumi.
Btw who was the guy who sang Diary?