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Originally Posted by SKYia View Post
I've been to the July 21st concert and I can't call it good vocals because of the overuse of chipmunk voice which was like 90% of the concert. Seriously, play How beautiful you are form AT2012 and then the same song from CDL 14-15 and that's what I'm talking about. If only she got rid of the chipmunk it would be amazing vocal.
I watched the 22 July concert. Chipmunk was super used for SEASONS and TO BE except for the chorus where she's kinda just shouting. Otherwise vocals were surprisingly steady! She choked up unexpectedly during TO BE and gave an embarrassed smile, I love that tons more then when she's forcing emotions out *ahem mad world*.

Overall I really felt her enthusiasm and spirit. She seemed so happy and at ease to be performing for us. And just total respect for her fitness, woman never went out of breath once.