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Originally Posted by AussieNicki View Post
I finally got my first ball on the 21st ^_^ it wasnt signed pink ayu one but i still feel so blessed! This is my 7th Ayu concert !!
Just wondering if anyone could help me with information on how people were getting those team ayu wrist ribbons? My Japanese isnt that great but do team ayu members get a gift at every concert? I won a sticker from the concert raffle thing.
But i was wondering about the ribbons, and if global members get a gift from the booth each tour or something?
Im still new to how this all works.
Thank you for any help, sorry if these questions are silly. TIA
I only got misanga on 22nd because on 21st I didn't know what I should show on my phone to get it. I saw two Italian girls trying to ask but the girl who distributed them didn't know any English at all. Can you explain how did that raffle worked? I was also wondering if I could do it, I wasn't crazy about the cups but that black and white original something (katakana, bleh) looked good, still don't know what it was though (I suppose that wasn't the sticker you got, was it?). Was the prize 3,700 for the black and white thing or to enter the lottery?

I agree that the concert was amazing visually but I'm so much more excited to relive Chapter 3 of Just the beginning than to see the anniversary one again.