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Originally Posted by melissalove View Post
Her best since rock and circus 7 days. Timmy had me rolling, dancers weren’t in the way and ayu was the focus. Couldn’t have asked for more.
Edit: Chapter 3

This is literally me.

I didn't understand a few choices they made there, but everything else was great.

I haven't watched any of her concerts in ages, and after watching these two and a-nation, i kind of forgot how much power and prescience on stage she's got. She is a performer for sure. And just once again made me think of GACKT from back in the day. So far she's the only one i haven't given up on yet. And hopefully i won't need to anytime soon.

Also somehow watching the two concerts made me appreciate the whole gang more, it's not an Ayu concert without them lol
And i loved the fact that they got fans on stage, i really thought that dude will be a bit uncomfortable but he was surprisingly fine xD

Someone pointed out she's way too dramatic in some songs, i actually like when she goes mad on stage. I like that explosion.

P.S. I am always amused by how she's covered in more and more glitter in every concert lol

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