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Originally Posted by Corvina View Post
Hm, Idk, but if she's happy like that, she could open up performance theaters in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, where she's performing regularly. Somehow that would be more fitting to her current approach and would allow her to focus on the performances and her needs for it.
And her fans would have something to pilgramige to.
This actually makes a lot of sense somehow.

Originally Posted by metropass View Post
Okay she's gonna keep touring a lot and recycle old stuffs, singing only old songs without making any new album and new music doesn't she? The title “TROUBLE TOUR -misunderstood-” means she's going to recycle both TROUBLE and (miss)understood Tour? She could keep doing the same thing for another 1-2 year but I doubt if there will still be audiences interested in her tour without any new songs and new performances.
It's not (miss)understood, but misunderstood - she is no way referring to the album, obviously. What does it even mean to recycle, they say it's the same tour continuing in 2019-2020, it has the same name. I for one will go for sure and I am absolutely positive there will be an audience interested. I am also positive there will be new performances. TROUBLE had a lot of new stuff in there, the car, the selfie-stick performance, the huge heart with an error. The concert did not feel recycled in any way.

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