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It was her best concert ever in my opinion, GREEN was an amazing way to open up, especially the dragon dances, and Maro taking centre stage.

When it Will started to play, it did not disappoint and i recalled someone on AHS saying that they hoped Will would be sung

Then came the rock songs and they were soooooooooo......whats the word...stunning and i was just speechless, half the time though i was trying the remember the title of the songs

Then came the slow songs, i thought that she was gonna sing Days here, cuz Shuya and her costume were almost like in the video....or something that fits winter. My favourite songs here were Hope and Pain, and Over. I was waiting for Days here, cuz she was taking forever to get accross the stage, haha Then when SCAR was over the quickly walked off the stage and Kaeru was doing her sheet hanging dance thing

After that the songs the gets the crowd going were sung, Unite! really got the crowd going, everyone was doing the fist the the air.

Then came the 10th anniversary video followed by Who...

When Who... was sung next, I wasnt expecting her to sing this, and for a second, I thought to myself. What? the concerts already over??!! I thought this was one of the best performances of Who..., I was singing along to it the entire time, it was really amazing...made me speechless

Trauma was really fun, its my first live ayu concert so i wanted this song to be performed and see the crowd dance to it. and everyone did, and it she forgot her lyrics haha. actually twice. First time she just went like la la la la la and laughed it off and walked across the stage and the part came again and i think she just didnt bother singing it and just went like la la la la la la again and said sorry hahaha it was cool though

Independent was a classic performance, with the dancing and ball throwing. I was so close the catching one that Ryoji threw, it landed two seats beside me. ayu was throwing with her left hand, i guess due to her injury

Everywhere nowhere was sung, but i cant really remember it lol sorry

Mirrorcle world was a great performance, the was the end of the first half, before the encore, so the violin players, dragon dancers, and choir all came out onto the stage and danced. the performance was like the one in a-nation 08

Then came the encore, Days was performed and i was really looking forward to this, it was just a nice performance and For my dear... was great too, i really liked her vocals and when she did the vibrato thing

Then Zin came and taught the MY ALL dance and that was the only talking part of the encore, none of the band members talked except for the keyboarder cuz him and Zin couldnt get the timing right to the song when Zin was teaching

+ was the same as last years, really fun

flower garden - im not a big fan of this song, but it was still fun to see ayu....i think she was rhyming in the middle of it...

Boys and Girls was a great performance, a classic one, ayu sings/yells at the fans, the fans sings/yells back

then MY ALL started playing, and i was like aww its over....? this was an awesome performance. Everyone was dancing to it

Ayu didnt cry once, except a bit during Days, she seemed really happy

She gave a wonderful show, and i really want to go to her concert again.

I was sitting on the side, in the 5th row, so i was pretty close and could see pretty clearly


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