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Originally Posted by //ABEST View Post
it's okay if they have some similarities but i think AT15 was too similar with CDL14-15 i get it that it was planned to be so but i don't enjoy it as much as like CDL13-14 & PSC
Neither do I. I do love the concert in general but as a loyal fan who watches both the CDL's and the AT's it gets frustrating at times.

And of her vocals, this is an unpopular opinion but hear me out. To be honest, I kinda like how Ayu's vocals are always a little 50/50 in terms of good and bad. Cause, if you want, you can make it a little game for yourself. "Are her vocals good? If they are... Imma get myself a treat and enjoy the show. Are her vocals bad? If they are... Imma get myself a bigger treat because I survived listening to it. Go me." Like. You never know which Ayu you're going to get and either way you can get something out of it. xD However. She is trying her hardest. I honestly feel just how much work she's putting into this and I enjoy that more than anything.


I still hate that cover though. Like, I get most of the little pictures on it. But why is that dude on the bottom left there? He's on a wheel. That's it. Hell, even his position makes it look like he's going 'oh hell. I'm stuck on a wheel. I'm stuck on wheel. Holy s*** I'm stuck on a wheel. I could easily get out of this wheel since it's got no walls and I could easily just step out. But I won't. Cause then I wouldn't be stuck on a wheel.'

Finally, I can stop dreaming....

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