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Old 20th August 2023, 04:42 PM
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5.1 vs stereo on DVD/BDs...?

I've noticed it's been years since we've had an Ayu DVD/Blu-ray release that featured 5.1 audio. These days it seems like they've gone back to stereo and that's it, which I find curious after they've had years of these discs produced in 5.1.


a) On a technical basis, I've never heard a 5.1 soundtrack that didn't sound fine even when automatically downmixed to stereo. So, aim for the top end I say, and let the lower-end systems deal with it. Everybody should be happy. But then again, it seems like most discs that *do* have a 5.1 mix have a separate stereo track. Maybe (undoubtedly) those audio engineers have a better ear than I do and they hear things I just don't. But then, that turns the discussion into "why include a stereo track when you already have a 5.1 mix", and I don't want to detract from my core question.

b) Having 6 audio tracks takes up more space than just two (obviously), but the content of her concert discs hardly ever reaches 40GB these days, on discs that have a capacity of nearly 50GB (I'm assuming a standard dual-layer blu-ray disc). This can hardly be the reason either.

c) The demand just isn't there, and it really cost that much more to produce a mix in 5.1.

d) Some other reason I just can't think of right now.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd say it's probably (c), Avex is cutting corners and nobody's complaining about it. After all, 5.1 audio discs have never really caught on (even though I, for one, *really* appreciate the 5.1 version of My Story).

What do you think? Would you not prefer a 5.1 version if it existed?
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