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[Translation] Music Station talk (February 29, 1999)

Source: 浜崎あゆみトーク集
(Hamasaki Ayumi Talk Collection)
Please do not redistribute these translations. I did these specifically for AHS members.
Translated by devilayu of Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai (AHSForum.com).
If you notice any typos, mistranslations, skipped lines, etc., do not hesitate to PM me.
__________________________________________________ _______________
February 29, 1999

Ana Shimohira: Here is Ayumi Hamasaki-san, who has been in the Top 10 of the Album Ranking for 6 weeks straight. Congratulations.
Ayu: Thank you.
Tamori: Though things will change after this week, you're in the ranking.
Ayu: Yes.
Tamori: It's an album?
Ayu: Yes.
Tamori: You're above "Armageddon".
Ayu: (laugh)
Tamori: "A Song for XX" [devilayu note: Tamori says a soft "ah" for A and "double x" for XX]
Ayu: It's A. "A Song for (XX is silent)".
Tamori: Ah, "A Song for XX." [devilayu note: Tamori pronounces the title properly now]
Ayu: (laugh)
Ana Shimohira: Hamasaki-san is...
Tamori: It's a song for an adult movie.
Ayu: Eh?
Tamori: Am I wrong?
Ana Shimohira: Well, is it ok? To talk about that?
Everyone: (laugh)
Ana Shimohira: (Ayumi has) started quite a fashion sense, and everyone overwhelmiingly supports the fact that you write your own lyrics. She's a new mentor for high school girls.
Tamori: A new mentor of the year.
Ayu: (laugh)
Tamori: It's amazing.
Ayu: Eh, I guess.
Tamori: How's it feel? To hear such things said about yourself?
Ayu: I feel that old men are just writing this stuff of their own will.
Tamori: She's talking about you (ALFEE).
Sakurai: We're not old men (laugh)
Tamori: It's not reality, though?
Ayu: I don't think so, this is normal.
Tamori: When you write lyrics, do you think you have to be take care when doing so?
Ayu: Hmm, I don't write lyrics in English.
Tamori: Why?
Ayu: Because I can't speak English (laugh)
Tamori: Ah, great.
Ayu: I thought, "I don't really want to write if I have to sit there with a dictionary."
Tamori: (to someone else) You ok? Strained (hip)?
Sakurai: I hit something here, sorry to change the topic to my hip.
Tamori: I get it, it's good to be honest.
Ayu: Yeah.
Tamori: The first thing that came to mind was, "Huh? A female aerobics instructor is here?"
Ayu: Yeah.
Tamori: ONE, TWO, AND DOWN! You're speaking English! There's that type of feeling.
Ayu: (laugh) Yeah.
Tamori: You're like, let's stop.
Ayu: (laugh) Yes, let's stop.
Tamori: Good, good. For the song this time, what feelings went into the writing?
Ayu: Well, Ayu went to Niigata.
Tamori: Niigata? What? Why'd you go there?
Ayu: I wanted to see snow, wanted to write lyrics while seeing snow, so I went to Niigata.
Tamori: Mm.
Ayu: So, we went normally (by car) and there was a sudden bang and we heard things falling like "Basabasaa."
Tamori: Mm.
Ayu: Since things were falling, we couldn't move.
Tamori: You fell in?
Ayu: Yes, since there was snow we couldn't see the gutter.
Tamori: Ohh.
Ayu: Then, Ayu had to hitchhike, walking along the road and holding out my finger like this.
Tamori: Everyone (staff) has become so confused...
Ayu: Hahaha (laugh). Sorry, sorry.
Tamori: Let us hear (the song) for this time.
Ayu: Yes.
Tamori: Stand-by please.
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