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Old 12th August 2007, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by criminal View Post
Ayumi: "Let's do one more!"
Namie: "Okay, I can roll with that, but don't forget the Trojan,"

That didn't make sense, I guess.
How about...

Ayumi: "This is fun, about another one?"
Namie: "Sure, what will it be this time?"
Ayumi: "you're my HONEY? Asking Who...? I WILL UNITE!? Fish free? MoMa? WE WISH THE KISS?"
Namie: "Nah, I want LOVE 1st, Baby Don't Wake Up? or my name's SPEED STAR. Which one will it be?"
Ayumi: "I think you should leave now."

[Making up those titles is so much funnnn.]
Originally Posted by AyuHamasaki01 View Post
OMG! The Second Conversation Is Soooo Funny:

Namie: Why? I have some great idea's!
Ayu: for what?
Namie: for collaboration?
Ayu: COLLABO.....
Namie: yeah, somethin' like: A Walk In The Flower Garden, Body Feels HANABI, I Love Pride, Beautiful Darling, Put 'Em PAIN, four Fighters and...
Ayu: *kicks Namie off stage*...
I love you guys And UHPlus confirmed that.. just wanted to tell I read it on my friends blog ... Nevermind x3
I want more Ayu-Namie jokes XD Or Ayu-Kuu.. or something

Btw, this is the only video I could find. Namie and Kumi are together on Hey!x3
Poor Namie.. She got so scared of Kuu-chan that she ran away..

Who wouldn`t? I know I would
I noticed this love
The moment my fingertip touched his
And my feelings were
About to flow out...

I might tell him of this feeling
When the trees come into bud
And the leaves are freshly green..... again...

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