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Old 28th June 2008, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by LEOyumi View Post
I wanter her to rest D=
But that's okay, only two dates of performance.. I hope they'll be great!
as she is taking maybe 2-3 months until she must go on tour again,
I think she'll be a lot ready for a-nation

Originally Posted by InoriNoUta View Post
Well she kind of has to re-work her way into good standing, after that comment, yeah? I'm not saying that as an artist she doesn't deserve it, and I think the hoopla around what she said is silly, but it's almost like Kuu has to make up for it :/
Maybe I dont know... ahaha..
But the reason why she needs to make up for it is because she showed her true koda kumi...
In japan, maybe artists are not just about the face, or the music.
In western countries it may sound really stupid... ahaha... "oh she just said that one thing"
However, it's not just one thing..
She insulted a lot of people when she says something stupid like what she said..
In japan, maybe it's not taken so lightly... because its not happening every day that an artist who we pay money to listen to insults us..
We feel "what a waste of money, she cant be true to us and must make such horrible statements."
No matter if she apologized... its still very offensive to japanese women..
Its saying we have expiry date... _ _);;;
Its a cultural difference... and before anything, she is made an artist for the japanese people before anyone else.
So if she insults us... she cant just be forgiven and accepted back... she gotta earn her position back so that it doesnt feel like the money is being wasted on paying for her.

If you look at it this way...

A-Nation is an concert where those people who love Avex can get together and listen to those songs, right?
But its more than just that... I think.
Its something to inspire us, to say "oh we are all supporting you, japan! so you can go out and continue to work hard!"
The closing act of A-Nation I think will always be an uplifting reliable person, who can be trusted to always continue to suport and treasure us.
Koda Kumi didnt show any of that... no respect... no nothing. She apologized... but what she said was done.
You cant take back those things because people were angry about it... cause she already said it.
So in my opinion~ ahaha.. maybe its not so much... but I think she doesnt deserve the closing act. =[
Its too hard to tell... ahaha... I am always angry about that issue... because it affected my mom. LOL.

But I wanna to go see A-Nation when I go back this year... =[
I dont think I can... cause tickets will sell so fast. T T ahaha..
Oh well~ maybe I could go to Summer Anime festival. LOL with Haruko Momoi... -o-;;
I hope that those new artist, and remioromen, can do their best!
Remioromen's first time to A-Nation~ try your best okay?~

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Old 29th June 2008, 08:44 AM
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ah ayu is going to be in it this year! YAY! she is one busy girl, wonder what song she'll sing, mirrorcle world?
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