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Old 7th February 2012, 04:03 PM
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The 147th Thread - Belly growing

The Koda Kumi Thread

Driving Hit's 4

P r o f i l e

Stage Name: Koda Kumi / 倖田來未
Real Name: Kouda Kumiko / 神田來未子
Birthdate: 13 November 1982 (Showa 57)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Kyoto

Hobbies: Shopping, Goods.
Favorite Sport: Squash
Favorite Type of Music: Hip Hop
Favorite Dish to Cook: Niku Jaga (Beef and Potatoes)
Favorite Saying: Ikkai ichi e (Once in a lifetime chance)
Favorite Colors: Purple and green
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite DVD: Haneru no tobira
Favorite Brands: D&G and H・A・K
Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki, 100% Fruit Juice, Perrier
Favorite Japanese Artists: Toshinori Yonekura, Sukima Switch
Favorite Western Artists: Christina Aguilera, Nelly, Pink, Pharrell Williams
Something She Can't Be Without: Love
Favorite Part of Her Own Body: The "kori kori" of her waist.
Something Often Unexpected: 'No smoking & no alcohol'
Something Unacceptable: Lies and deception
Special Ability: To be able to talk until her voice goes hoarse.

N e w R e l e a s e s

10h Album
Release date: 2012.01.25

4 editions:
■ CD Only
■ CD+DVD (musicvideos)
■ CD+2DVD (musicvideos+ Live Best+former album CMs)
■ Limited Edition (B4 box, 32 pages photobook+other goods)

【DISC 1:CD】19 tracks
02.So Nice
03.Boom Boom Boys
04.V.I.P. feat. T-Pain(Album Version)
05.Slow feat. Omarion
08.IN THE AIR(50th sg「4 TIMES」)
09.You are not alone(Acoustic Version)
12.Love Me Back
13.No Man's Land
14.愛を止めないで(51th sg「愛を止めないで」)
15.KO-SO-KO-SO (50th sg「4 TIMES」)
16.Lay Down
17.Love Technique
18.Poppin' love cocktail feat.TEEDA(50th sg「4 TIMES」)
19.All for you

【DISC2:MUSIC VIDEO】17 tracks
01.Poppin' love cocktail feat.TEEDA(50th sg「4 TIMES」)
02.Boom Boom Boys
03.No Man's Land
04.V.I.P. feat. T-PAIN(50th sg「4 TIMES」)
05.KO-SO-KO-SO(50th sg「4 TIMES」)
06.Lay Down
08.Love Me Back(Album Version)
09.So Nice
10.Slow feat. Omarion
11.IN THE AIR(50th sg「4 TIMES」)
13.Love Technique
14.You are not alone(Acoustic Version)
15.愛を止めないで(51th sg「愛を止めないで」)
17.All for you

D i s c o g r a p h y


01. TAKE BACK [2000.12.06]
02. Trust Your Love [2001.04.09]
03. COLOR OF SOUL [2001.08.03]
04. So Into You [2002.03.13]
05. love across the ocean [2002.07.24]
06. m·a·z·e [2002.12.11]
07. real Emotion/1000の言葉 [2003.03.05]
08. COME WITH ME [2003.08.27]
09. Gentle Words [2003.12.10]
10. Crazy 4 U [2004.01.15]
11. LOVE & HONEY [2004.05.26]
12. Chase [2004.07.28]
13. 奇跡 [2004.09.08]
14. hands [2005.01.19]
15. Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT [2005.04.13]
16. Butterfly [2005.06.22]
17. flower [2005.08.10]
18. Promise/Star [2005.09.07]
19. you [2005.12.07]
20. Birthday Eve [2005.12.14]
21. D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD [2005.12.21]
22. Shake It Up [2005.12.28]
23. Lies [2006.01.04]
24. feel [2006.01.11]
25. Candy feat. Mr. Blistah [2006.01.18]
26. No Regret [2006.01.25]
27. 今すぐ欲しい [2006.02.01]
28. KAMEN feat. 石井竜也 [2006.02.08]
29. WIND [2006.02.15]
30. Someday/Boys♥Girls [2006.02.22]
31. 恋のつぼみ [2006.05.24]
32. 4 hot wave [2006.07.26]
33. 夢のうた/ふたりで... [2006.10.18]
34. Cherry Girl/運命 [2006.12.06]
35. BUT/愛証 [2007.03.14]
36. FREAKY [2007.06.27]
37. 愛のうた [2007.09.12]
38. LAST ANGEL feat. 東方神起 [2007.11.07]
39. anytime [2008.01.23]
40. MOON [2008.06.12]
41. TABOO [2008.10.08]
42. stay with me [2008.12.10]
43. It's all Love! (倖田來未×misono) [2009.03.31]
44. 3 SPLASH [2009.07.08]
45. Alive/Physical thing [2009.09.16]
46. Can We Go Back [2010.01.20]
47. Gossip Candy [2010.07.07]
48. 好きで、好きで、好きで。/ あなただけが [2010.09.22]
49. POP DIVA [2011.02.02]
50. 4 TIMES [2011.08.17]
51. 愛を止めないで [2011.09.21]
52. Love Me Back [2011.11.30]

01. affection [2002.03.27]
02. grow into one [2003.03.19]
03. feel my mind [2004.02.18]
04. secret [2005.02.09]
05. Black Cherry [2006.12.20]
06. Kingdom [2008.01.30]
07. TRICK [2009.01.28]
08. UNIVERSE [2010.02.03]
09. Dejavu [2011.03.02]
10. JAPONESQUE [2012.01.25]

Compilation Album
01. BEST ~first things~ [2005.09.21]
02. BEST ~second session~ [2006.03.08]
03. BEST ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~ [2007.03.14]
05. KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S [2009.03.25]
06. BEST ~third universe~ [2010.02.03]
07. KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 2 [2010.03.31]
08. KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 3 [2011.05.04]
09. KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 4 [2012.03.14]

Cover Album
01. ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~ [2010.10.13]

Digital Release
01. KODA KUMI REMIX ALBUM [2006.02.22]
02. Get It On [2006.03.01]
03. Hey baby! (TV version) [2010.12.08]

Live DVD
01. secret ~FIRST CLASS LIMITED LIVE~ [2005.09.21]
02. LIVE TOUR 2005 ~first things~ deluxe edition [2006.09.13]
03. LIVE TOUR 2006-2007 ~second session~ [2007.03.28]
04. LIVE TOUR 2007 ~Black Cherry~ SPECIAL FINAL in TOKYO DOME [2008.03.31]
05. LIVE TOUR 2008 ~Kingdom~ [2008.09.24]
06. FAN CLUB EVENT 2008「Let's Party Vol.1」[2009.02.25]
07. LIVE TOUR 2009 ~TRICK~ [2009.10.21]
08. KODA KUMI 2009 TAIWAN LIVE [2010.03.10]
09. LIVE TOUR 2010 ~UNIVERSE~ [2010.10.06]
10. ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~ at Billboard Live [2011.02.23]
11. 10th Anniversary ~FANTASIA~ in TOKYO DOME [2011.05.18]

Music Clip DVD
01. 7 SPIRITS [2003.03.19]
02. feel... [2004.03.24]
03. girls ~Selfish~ [2004.11.25]

US Release (as KODA)
01. TAKE BACK [2001.05.12]
02. Trust Your Love [2002.11.02]

L i n k s

-> Official Website
-> Official Youtube Channel
-> Official Facebook Page
-> Lyrics Library
-> Singles in 320 kpbs
-> B-Sides Collection
-> Concert Audio Rips
-> Musicvideos
-> iPod PVs
-> Concert Downloads
-> Screencaps
-> Lyrics & Interview Translations by tenshi_no_hane

Credits: Tsubasa, Kingdom, FinalFayth, Corvina, do it again, Cherrim


「変わらないなら 変えるしかない」

Old 7th February 2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Bigger Cover

That cover is absolutely gorgeous! *_*
Covers for Driving Hit's get better and better.

Originally Posted by Heavenly Zerase View Post
This could have been her most epic era ever, so sad it has reieved such a bad feedback from japanese fans
Actually it is pretty well received in Japan from all I've read in the net.
On amazon.jp e.g. people really like it! And reviews are pretty harsh at amazon normally, at least here in Germany.
I wouldn't look too much into the lower ratings for the 2 editions that weren't reviewed much.
There's a japanese Ayu stan called something like Pan Ayu rating every single edition of JAPONESQUE down.
Though there are some more bad reviews as well.
Overall I was surprised the Japanese rated it that good with such a western sound!

It's more that Kuu isn't "in" or solo artists in general and of course that she's pregnant and not available at all for the public at the moment.

「変わらないなら 変えるしかない」

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I love the cover! I like it how Driving Hit's have a common concept, at least in covers
Old 7th February 2012, 04:47 PM
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24,813 倖田來未
Total so far
93,835 + 24,813 = 118,648

25k is about the same Dejavu sold in its 2nd week.
That's great!
And it's at #4 again today.

「変わらないなら 変えるしかない」

Old 7th February 2012, 06:00 PM
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HK version of JAPONESQUE will be release on 02.14 (tw AVJCD10488/A / hk AAJCD20077DE)

CD Only: http://www.hmv.com.hk/product/product.asp?sku=468361
CD+DVD: http://www.hmv.com.hk/product/product.asp?sku=468229
CD+2DVDs: http://www.hmv.com.hk/product/product.asp?sku=468220

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^Finally!!! Waiting for OS press is very unnerving...
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BIG BANG [21.10.2015]
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Could someone help me with the clear file that comes with first press of JAPONESQUE? Is the image the same as the cover of the version that was bought?

Or is it based on the retailer? Which version did cdjapan have?

Awesome set made by SweetHoney from H!O
Old 7th February 2012, 07:02 PM
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^ I bought the CD+DVD, but got the CD+DVD2 cover as clearfile.

lol awesome thread title
Old 7th February 2012, 07:19 PM
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I think that looking at feedback for artists online is a little misleading, especially on site where people can just vote stuff down without an account. The haters love to go around and do that, kinda like how the Kuu threads were being voted down here on AHS. Some people are immature.

I love the cover for the new Driving Hits, but it looks like the last one, which I also loved

Old 7th February 2012, 07:24 PM
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best title ever.

☆ bunnnniiiieeeesssss ☆

- The "New Artists You're Trying Out" Thread -

don't forget to spread the kuu

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Originally Posted by AyuHamasaki01 View Post
My copy arrived today. My clearfile is okay, only there seems to be a problem with the DVD.... It plays perfectly until Love Me Back, it only plays the beginning of Love Me Back PV, then suddenly it skips to Ai wo Tomenaide. If I try to skip it manually, I get to see a part of Brave and if I skip Brave I get to see the last part of All for you. Very weird... I could send it back but that's too much trouble so I'll just download the other PVs
Why don't you e-mail the seller you bought it from? Sometimes they don't make you send it back. There have been times that I was given money back and got to keep the item. It just depends on the seller. Perhaps they can do something for you?

Old 7th February 2012, 08:00 PM
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Driving Hits always have great covers
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Best. title. ever.


Originally Posted by Lana Del Rey
Yes, I am f--king crazy. But I am free.

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Love the title

I can't wait to get more pics from the DH shoot, they just keep getting better year after year

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hahaha love the title!
and those are pretty decent sales for JAPONESQUE
Old 7th February 2012, 11:24 PM
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Oh yes, the title. Nicely made.

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At first I was worried for the sales for JAPONESQUE, but I don't think it is doing bad at all. It's doing the same as Dejavu in it's 2nd week, and I heard it was down to #5 the other day, but now its at #4, so I think all is good!

The Driving Hit's 4 cover is awesome! Very pretty.

I have to say though, I love JAPONESQUE, but after this and Dejavu, it would be nice to see Kuu go back to more of her Jpop routes. Like she used to, more Jpop influenced by western, instead a lot of western songs


Some Screenshots of Kuu talking about JAPONESQUE on Goo Talk. You can see some weight has been put on, on her face, can't see her bump though. ): Actually, she really looks like best second session era there hahaha.
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Old 8th February 2012, 01:43 AM
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^ she should be about 4 months pregnant now. So I think she will start showing soon. Her tour is canceled right?

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anyone have the tracklist of the second DVD(best live)?
Old 8th February 2012, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by dannysan View Post
anyone have the tracklist of the second DVD(best live)?
I posted them awhile ago they got lost in the mix

Ohh ive written down the top 20 lives she did..they played the full version for the #1 and #2 lives..but other than that its like 30-45 secs.. Suprisingly most of them are from her first 3 tours.. ! UNder spoilers if anyone wanted to see


#1 Universe - Universe tour
#2 Always - Trick Tour
#3 Be My Baby - Fantasia
#4 Lollipop - 2010 Dream Music Park
#5 Hot Stuff - Secret Limited live
#6 Walk - Fantasia
#7 Black Cherry - Live tour 2007 Black Cherry
#8 Ai No Uta - Kingdom
#9 Crazy 4 U - Secret Limited Live
#10 Suki De, Suki De, Suki de - Fantasia


#11 Taboo - Dirty Ballroom
#12 Take Back - 2009 Tawain live
#13 D.D.D. - Live tour 06-07 second session
#14 Under - Kingdom
#15 Butterfly - Live tour 2005 Best first things
#16 Once Again - Dream Music Park
#17 Ningyo Hime - Black Cherry
#18 Cutie Honey - Live Tour 2005 Best first things
#19 Trust your love - Secret limited live
#20 Meaning of peace and love - Live tour 2005 Best first things


Closed Thread

koda kumi

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