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Old 4th November 2022, 08:43 AM
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Q:My boys are 7 and 4. They don't nap anymore, but I don't have the energy and I nap by myself lol. I wonder if Ayu takes naps too? <✱kanariya✱さん>
A: I am an insomniac life? lol I don't lol.
I have a longing to do it!

Q: Do you think it would be embarrassing if old footage or something like that was broadcast on TV? <maiさん>
A: I would definitely avoid it, but I wouldn't be embarrassed.

Q:ayu, how do you decide on your nail design each time? <keke0409さん>
A:My mood. Or if I'm on tour, I try to match the theme of the live show.

Q:ayu, do you organize your cell phone photos? Or do you keep old photos? <まいまいさん>
A:I don't know anything about data or anything like that, and I'm not interested in it, so I don't touch it, lol.
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Old 28th January 2023, 04:10 PM
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2022-11-07(JST) | Q&A
Q:Are there any costumes, accessories or props that you still can't throw away? <Chikoさん>
A:There are so many! Okei-sama has them perfectly under control!

2022-11-10(JST) | Q&A
Q:As I moved from my 20s to my 30s, I became less interested in clothes and other things. Have your booms changed with age, ayu? What is your current boom? <みさみささん>
A:I've always liked what I like. It hasn't changed.

2022-11-14(JST) | Q&A
Q:Do you ever think, "I'm so twisted!" LOL! <かなさん>
A:I don't think so. If anything, I'm too straight-forward and depressing. LOL.

2022-11-17(JST) | Q&A
Q: Do you eat before a concert or when you have a stressful job? Do you have a rule about how many hours before you have to finish eating? <さわすさん>
A: On the day of the show, I wake up early and have a lot of things I want to do before the show, so I am so busy that I almost never eat.

2022-11-21(JST) | Q&A
Q: I heard that ayu used to not like octopus in takoyaki and would take the octopus and eat it, do you still dislike octopus? <emiさん>
A: No, I'm fine now! Well, I'm fine without it.

2022-11-24(JST) | Q&A
Q:40 minutes until next appointment, what would you do? (Based on the fact that you would arrive 10 minutes before)
A:Do things I don't need to do now until the very last minute before departure for some reason. It's a common thing.

2022-11-28(JST) | Q&A
Q: I know you often fly for transportation. What do you do during the flight?  <いーちゃんさん>
A: I just sit there in silence with a straight face. I don't bother to connect my cell phone or Wi-Fi, and I don't really fold down my seat or anything like that. I just sit still. LOL!

2022-12-01(JST) | Q&A
Q: Is there anything you would like to say out loud? <globaleliteさん>
A: In the winter, my room gets dry and my nose bleeds!

2022-12-05(JST) | Q&A
Q: ayu, can you tell a secret to your significant other? I can't tell them if I think that they might be attracted to me if I tell them this  <sayaさん>
A: It's not a secret, but I don't talk to people about it at all. It's not that I think I'll be rejected, it's just that I think they won't understand.

2022-12-08(JST) | Q&A
Q: ayu ♡ At 56 years old, I bought an English-Japanese dictionary for the first time (lol) to look up the meaning of Ayu's song titles! Every time I look it up, oh! OH!!! I'm impressed by that, I see what you mean, and so on. I feel like there are so many things I didn't look up when I was a student (or maybe I've forgotten all about them)... it's so much fun! Do you decide on the title of your songs after you write the lyrics? <Nさん>
A: Sometimes both!

2022-12-12(JST) | Q&A
Q:I have been living in the countryside since I was born. I don't dislike the countryside where I can relax, but sometimes I envy the city where everything is available (...-́︿-̀...) ayu, do you want to live in the countryside someday? <真美さん>
A:I don't think so. I like Tokyo.

2022-12-15(JST) | Q&A
Q: ayu's signature changes with age. If so, when do you change it? Do you change it when you want to? Everyone in TA likes Ayu's signature, so I think they're probably wondering about it!<まおさん>
A: I don't write them differently. Even if I write 10 at the same time, there will be 10 different patterns, and the prototype changes in a second.

2022-12-19(JST) | Q&A
Q: I am a bit of a klutz and sometimes I break my phone due to shocks or damage. Have you ever broken your phone? <よっちゃんさん>
A: I often break my screen, and then I leave it for a while, and then I get used to it, and I can see fine even with a broken screen lol.

2022-12-22(JST) | Q&A
Q: Do you speak in Hakata dialect when you talk to Mommy? <ゆりさん>
A: Yes, completely.

2022-12-26(JST) | Q&A
Q: When you are crying and singing in LIVE, are you remembering the time when you wrote the lyrics? Or are you crying because of your current state of mind? 
A: I don't know because I'm not thinking about that when I'm crying. Next time I start crying, please ask me immediately! LOL!

2022-12-29(JST) | Q&A
Q: When a song changes on stage, it goes completely dark. How do you move around and put them on in the pitch black? <恵子さん>
A: I keep my eyes open and concentrate on the safety of my surroundings.

2023-01-02(JST) | Q&A
Q: How to distinguish between Kibi and Dango? ૮-ﻌ-`ა<あいぽんさん>
A: Forehead.

2023-01-05(JST) | Q&A
Q: Is there anything you absolutely can't or won't do? I can't do the screaming attractions. I can't do that.<はづきさん>
A: I can't look at or touch insects, whether they are real, picture books, or toys. I would have a heart attack and pass out.

2023-01-09(JST) | Q&A
Q: It's getting colder, Ayu-chan, what are you doing about it? I try to keep my toes warm. <みりさん>
A: I recently discovered the wonders of electric blankets.

2023-01-12(JST) | Q&A
Q: When do you feel winter, ayu? <くれあさん>
A: When it gets cold!

2023-01-16(JST) | Q&A
Q:What do you do during the New Year vacations? Did you eat osechi or ozoni? <みりさん>
A:I didn't have that many holidays. LOL I didn't eat any osechi or ozoni! I ate motsunabe like a Hakata girl!

2023-01-19(JST) | Q&A
Q: What are your aspirations for this year, the year of the rabbit, 2023! I am to meet Ayu's smile☆ <coco+a・k・rさん>
A:To be honest, I'm still wondering about a lot of things. (←Too much honesty.

2023-01-23(JST) | Q&A
Q: I would like to know the concept of "(NOT)Remember you" and what kind of person the song was written for! I love the lyrics and melody of this song so much, it really stuck with me. <れもんさん>
A: The most important part is the message in the chorus. When you see me smiling, you will smile, when you see me sad, you will feel pain, and vice versa. At first glance, it may sound like a "butthurt song," but that's not the main point of the song.

2023-01-26(JST) | Q&A
Q: What kind of year do you want 2023 to be? <優さん>
A: I want it to be a year in which I don't push myself too hard. I do push myself, though. LOL.
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Old 28th January 2023, 06:39 PM
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This time the answers are better

Hey, the reason of this smile and the meaning of this word can't be understood
Because I don't even want to make them understood
until that Day...

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Old 29th January 2023, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Aderianu View Post
2022-11-21(JST) | Q&A
Q: I heard that ayu used to not like octopus in takoyaki and would take the octopus and eat it, do you still dislike octopus? <emiさん>
A: No, I'm fine now! Well, I'm fine without it.
That was slick, I chuckled.
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Old 24th February 2023, 01:20 PM
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2023-01-30(JST) | Q&A
Q: I got an autograph ball from ayu at the Yoyogi show on 12/30! I held out my pink knit hat and ayu noticed me. I didn't get the ball, but I was so happy to get the autograph ball from Ayu and to be able to make eye contact with her! Do you remember me, ayu? <かなさん>
A: Wow! I remember so much! That was a great plan, you really stood out from the crowd!

2023-02-02(JST) | Q&A
Q: At the end of this Countdown concert "Remember you", you were dashing back and forth down the flower aisle, but you were out of breath, right? Right? 
A: Who wouldn't be! I was having so much fun that I still had energy to sing right after the dash. The one who was surprised the most was none other than me. LOL.

2023-02-06(JST) | Q&A
Q: I went to Yoyogi on 12/30! I had not been able to go to the concert since my oldest child was born 7 years ago, but I saw an announcement from TA about lending out ear muffs for children, so I applied for tickets for my family of four. At that time, I felt like ayu was saying to me, "You can come to the concert even with children" and I couldn't help but cry because of ayu's thought for us. My children were so happy at the concert, and I am so glad we went! Thank you! Do you sometimes get a boost from someone's words?<冬雪さん>
A: I would get all teary-eyed when I saw kids wearing ear muffs! We'll look for and find what we can do better before Yoyogi in April to make the LIVE more family-friendly and improve it!

2023-02-09(JST) | Q&A
Q: Thanks for the CDL! Do you get tired right after a gig? Or do you sleep for a few days? <ひとみさん>
A: I'm full of the feeling of sleeping in for days, and as a result, I usually wake up early in the morning. LOL!

2023-02-13(JST) | Q&A
Q: ayu, I cried so much in Nagoya. ayu was crying too. Did you hear TA's voice? <みりさん>
A: Yes, they did. Even before she appeared on stage. They were going to make her cry! LOL!

2023-02-16(JST) | Q&A
Q: ayu, what is the line between your personal and professional life, on and off switch? <サトリングさん>
A: Do you mean ayu and ayumi hamasaki? It's totally different!

2023-02-20(JST) | Q&A
Q: What do you do when you feel helplessly depressed? I listen to ayu's songs and watch her live videos. I'll keep going! I am inspired to keep going.<Sakichanさん>
A: I fall to the bottom once, which is unbelievable. LOL!

2023-02-23(JST) | Q&A
Q: How do you send love to your doggies and little monsters! Hugs? Words? <郁花さん>
A: Both. I think I'm pretty annoying. LOL!
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