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Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai
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Old 25th June 2006, 01:23 AM
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AVCD-31051 [CD+DVD] [Jacket A]
AVCD-31052 [CD+DVD] [Jacket B]
AVCD-31053 [CD]
produced by max matsuura
Photographer: ND CHOW

all lyrics by ayumi hamasaki

01. BLUE BIRD "Original mix"
music: DAI
arrangement: HAL
Guitar: Takehito Shimizu
Drums: Michio Kawano
Strings arrangement: Gen Ittetsu
Strings: Gen Ittetsu Strings
Additional B.G. Vocal: Junko Hirotani
Programming: HAL (Toshiharu Umesaki & Takehito Shimizu)
Additional programming: Mayuko Maruyama
Mixed by Koji Morimoto

02. Beautiful Fighters "Original mix"
music: Kazuhito Kikuchi
arrangement: CMJK
Guitar: CMJK
Bass: CMJK
Drums: Tom Tamada
Cheer & Footsteps: Jumpin Girls
Programming: CMJK
Mixed by Koji Morimoto

03. Ladies Night ~another night~
Rearranged by tasuku

04. BLUE BIRD "Harderground remix"
Remixed by NISH

05. BLUE BIRD "Original mix -Instrumental-"
Mixed by Koji Morimoto

06. Beautiful Fighters "Original mix -Instrumental-"
Mixed by Koji Morimoto

01. BLUE BIRD <video clip>
directed by Takahide Ishii

02. Beautiful Fighters <video clip>
directed by Luis Hernandez
direction planning by Takahide Ishii

03. BLUE BIRD <making clip> (AVCD-31051 only)

03. Beautiful Fighters <making clip> (AVCD-31052 only)
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