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Old 13th July 2022, 03:22 PM
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Question Initiate levels?

Does anyone have a full overview of all the initiate levels? I guess it could be pieced together from the members list (and Karen must have run through all the levels by now, does it still update?), but I hope it exists in full somewhere.
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Old 13th July 2022, 04:04 PM
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Posts: 6,526
Will be expanding this post, just give me time

I am obviously not sure where the exact level breaks are and can only make semi-educated guesses on the basis of actual post counts of current members. Since I also don't know which Initiate levels are missing in the highest post count regions this list is most definitely also incomplete and the estimates for level breaks may be far off - I've taken them to be at round numbers, but I've rounded off fairly generously there and may of course be missing Initiate levels no member is currently at. Also, some members are still fairly active, so the given level breaks as I can read them (based on highest number of posts below a given rank) may change, but I may not be able to update them when they do - the given level breaks are noted at the moment I collected the data. If you see any that have changed, feel free to let me know and I can update accordingly. Also, I just changed Initiate levels myself the other day and was confirmed in my estimate for my name's WOMEN Initiate, so I'm removing the estimate, as this is a definite. In the lower ranks there are members with a difference of one in number of posts which sometimes makes it clear where the level breaks are, so there there are no estimates either.

In any case, this is what we know (work in progress):

SAKURA Initiate (23,397+, estimated 30,000+)
BRILLANTE initiate (21,800+, estimated 22,000+)
November Initiate (20,634+, estimated 21,000+)
sending mail Initiate (19,225+, estimated 20,000+)
Virgin Road Initiate (18,083+, estimated 19,000+)
Don't look back Initiate (17,705+, estimated 18,000+)
count down initiate (17,439+, estimated 17,500+)
RED LINE ~for TA~ Initiate (16,798+, estimated 17,000+)
BALLAD Initiate (16,185+, estimated 16,500+)
Curtain call Initiate (14,427+, estimated 16,000+)

GREEN Initiate (13,300+, estimated 14,000+)
(don't) Leave me alone Initiate (13,211+, estimated 13,250+)
reBiRTH Initiate (12,888+, estimated 13,000+)
MY ALL Initiate (12,338+, estimated 12,500+)
Mirror Initiate (12,150+, estimated 12,250+)
talkin' 2 myself Initiate (11,783+, estimated 12,000+)
glitter Initiate (11,102+, estimated 11,500+)
Secret Initiate (10,922+, estimated 11,000+)
JEWEL Initiate (10,662+, estimated 10,750+)
1 LOVE Initiate (10,407+, estimated 10,500+)

until that Day... Initiate (10,030+, estimated 10,250+)
teens Initiate (9,979+, estimated 10,000+)
Born To Be... Initiate (9,805+, estimated 9,900+)
rainy day Initiate (9,686+, estimated 9,700+)
Beautiful Day Initiate (9,519+, estimated 9,525+)
Are You Wake Up? Initiate (8,635+, estimated 9,400)
Bold & Delicious Initiate (8,553+, estimated 8,600+)
Will Initiate (8,440+, estimated, 8,450+)
fairyland Initiate (8,137+, estimated 8,200+)
MY STORY Classical Initiate (7,770+, estimated 7,900+)

MY STORY Initiate (7,562+, estimated 7,700+)
Humming 7/4 Initiate (7,488+, estimated 7,500+)
winding road Initiate (7,298+, estimated 7,400+)
Replace Initiate (7,022+, estimated 7,200+)
walking proud Initiate (6,986+, estimated 7,000+)
HAPPY ENDING Initiate (6,855+, estimated 6,900+)
HOPE or PAIN Initiate (6,721+, estimated 6,800+)
Liar Initiate (6,540+, estimated 6,600+)
WONDERLAND Initiate (6,453+, estimated 6,500+)
my name's WOMEN Initiate (6,360+)

About You Initiate (6,160+, estimated 6,200+)
CAROLS Initiate (5,989+, estimated 6,000+)
INSPIRE Initiate (5,841+, estimated 5,900+)
GAME Initiate (5,670+, estimated 5,800+)
Memorial address (take 2 version) Initiate (5,548+, estimated 5,600+)
Because of You Initiate (5,430+, estimated 5,450+)
ANGEL'S SONG Initiate (5,308+, estimated, 5,325+)
No way to say Initiate (5,161+, estimated 5,170+)
forgiveness Initiate (4,966+, estimated 5,000+)
theme of a-nation '03 Initiate (4,788+, estimated 4,800+)

ourselves Initiate (4,649+, estimated 4,700+)
Greatful days Initiate (4,459+, estimated 4,500+)
Initiate (4,355+, estimated, 4,360+)
A BALLADS Initiate (4,185+, estimated 4,200+)
everlasting dream Initiate (4,174+, estimated 4,180+)
neverending dream Initiate (4,140+, estimated 4,150+)
WE WISH Initiate (3,988+, estimated 4,000+)
Over Initiate (3,838+, estimated 3,880+)
Heartplace Initiate (3,685+, estimated 3,700+)
Real me Initiate (3,538+, estimated 3,550+)

Dolls Initiate (3,387+, estimated 3,400+)
Initiate (3,256+, estimated 3,260+)
Voyage Initiate (3,121+, estimated 3,140+)
independent Initiate (3,000+, estimated 3,000+)
July 1st Initiate (2,869+, estimated 2,900+)
Initiate (2,822+, estimated, 2,840+)
no more words Initiate (2,714+, estimated 2,720+)
Daybreak Initiate (2,617+, estimated 2,630+)
still alone Initiate (2,491+, estimated 2,500+)
Naturally Initiate (2,390+, estimated 2,400+)

Connected Initiate (2,329+, estimated 2,350+)
I am... Initiate (2,206+, estimated 2,230+)
UNITE! Initiate (2,134+, estimated 2,140+)
ayu trance Initiate (2,000+, estimated 2,000+)
ayu-ro mix 2 Initiate (1,885+, estimated 1,890+)
Endless sorrow Initiate (1,800+, estimated 1,800+)
BEST Initiate (1,688+, estimated 1,700+)
NEVER EVER Initiate (1,619+, estimated 1,620+)
SURREAL Initiate (1,559+, estimated 1,600+)
SCAR Initiate (1,493+, estimated 1,500+)

End of the World Initiate (1,438+, estimated 1,440+)
starting over Initiate (1,406+, estimated 1,420+)
SEASONS Initiate (1,366+, estimated 1,370+)
Far away Intiate (1,300+, estimated 1,300+)
ever free Initiate (1,236+, estimated 1,250+)
ayu-mi-x II Initiate (1,175+, estimated 1,180+)
Who... Initiate (1,119+, estimated 1,120+)
Interlude Initiate (1,099+, estimated 1,100+)
appears Initiate (1,048+, estimated 1,050+)
P.S II Initiate (997+, estimated 1,000+)

immature Initiate (950+, estimated 950+)
And Then Initiate (900+)
Introduction Initiate (880+, estimated 880+)
Trauma Initiate (840+)
too late Initiate (800+, estimated 800+)*
End roll Initiate (747+, estimated 750+)
monochrome Initiate (700+, estimated 700+)
Initiate (640+)
Boys & Girls Initiate (598+, estimated 600+)
TO BE Initiate (550+)

ayu-mi-x Initiate (500+, estimated 500+)
WHATEVER Initiate (430+)
from your letter Initiate (390+, estimated 390+)
POWDER SNOW Initiate (340+, estimated 340+)
A Song for XX Initiate (300+)
As if... Initiate (250+)
Prologue Initiate (240+)
Two of us Initiate (180+)
Depend on you Initiate (140+)
YOU Initiate (100+)

poker face Initiate (60+)
Gut it-pez Initiate (30+)
LIMIT Initiate (15+)
PAPER DOLL Initiate (5+)

Staff titles (in descending order of number of posts at the time of data collection):

Sky high Protector (Yoake)
Lelio Protector (ayumisrael)
The Judgement Day Guardian (ImpactBreaker)
Wishing Guardian (nmskalmn)
STEP you Protector (Cyria)
RAINBOW Guardian (koumori)
HONEY Protector (Corybobory)
Evolution Xavier (Isaac Hiew)
BLUE BIRD Protector (taskinillusion)
Endless sorrow Guardian (bulmasman)
Startin' Protector (Calico)
Fly high Protector (Zemus)
Rule Protector (zoomzoom)
Sexy little things Protector (sugarbasil)
momentum Protector (Ryoko)
Key~eternal tie ver.~ Protector (EdenZone)
Evolution Wind (SurrealDreams)
kanariya Protector (Halla)
Daybreak Guardian (oaristos)
meaning of Love Protector (Love Appears)
Paper Doll Protector (DonkeyKongRemix)
A song is Born Founder (ZeF)
Will Initiate (milky_way)

Special non-staff ranks:

Trust Advisor (Zan Michiteru)
independent+ Advisor (Grantith)

H-Initiates (in descending order of number of posts):

SUMMER PARTY H- Initiate (KarenPang)
ANGEL'S SONG H-Initiate (truehappiness)
theme of a-nation '03 H-Initiate (pommy48)
Love song H-Initiate (Aderianu)
Together When... H-Initiate (sexysaucestar)
Crazy 4 U H-Initiate (Corvina)
SURREAL H-Initiate (tokyoxjapanxfan)
girlish H-Initiate (boogieordie)
LOVE~Destiny~H-Initiate (mimika)
still alone H-Initiate (Kanzaki)
Free & Easy H-Initiate (JTYC)
ternal Initiate (hayasaki)
winding road H-Initiate (pimenta)
Bridge to the sky H-Initiate (qwerty)
Free & Easy H-Initiate (AngieChan)
Free & Easy H-Initiate (masa)
HANABI H-Initiate (Darkevil)
Free & Easy H-Initiate (XaeL)
Free & Easy H-Initiate (MTRLB)
FRIEND Initiate (helli0n)

H-Initiates are a special rank that staff offered to certain members.

Some interesting things (how interesting is up to you of course ) I noticed as I went through this:
1. So far I've seen two H-Initiates whose titles are not bolded (boogieordie, she's a girlish H-Initiate; and mimika, they're a LOVE~Destiny~H-Initiate - also, in mimika's title there's no space between the song title and Initiate).
2. While Ayu's capitalization is followed nicely in the Initiate titles, Isaac Hiew's and SurrealDreams' titles deviate from it and spell evolution with a capital: Evolution Xavier and Evolution Wind, respectively.
3. AHS Staff is a separate member account with a bolded username but no special rank; it partakes in the regular Initiate level system (and is currently a Real me Initiate). The same goes for AHStournament, which also partakes in the regular Initiate level system and is currently a Prologue Initiate; and AHS Moderators, which is currently a YOU Initiate. As of August 4 2022 there is a new admin user, mokori. As of August 6 2022, they have 0 posts and no initiate level (other users with 0 posts are NOTHING FROM NOTHING Initiates). Also, their name is both bolded and italicized.
4. Staff names are bolded (with the exception of mokori as of August 4 2022) but SurrealDreams is also italicized in addition to this.
5. hayasaki seems to have H-Initiate status considering the title, which deviates from regular levels, and the colours it has, but is not named as such (instead, it simply reads ternal Initiate). A similar thing goes for helli0n, who has a special title, but it is simply FRIEND Initiate.
6. There are several Free & Easy H-Initiates. I thought all H-Initiate titles would be different, but evidently this is not the case. I've counted five; of these, XaeL and MTRLB have by far the lowest post count (at 38 and 35, respectively!). Of all H-Initiate (type) ranks, helli0n has the lowest overall post count (at 13!).
7. There is a weird quirk with user George: at 794 posts, he is ranked as a too late Initiate; however, nodoka and Lora-Ayu are also at 794 posts but are End roll Initiates. The level break for too late Initiates actually seems to be at 800+. Maybe some of his posts were removed, which decreased his post count, but the level was kept? The same is true for user ayu is startin: he is ranked as an Initiate, but by post count should be a Boys & Girls Initiate; users Lonely_Marionette and Alimanda should be PAPER DOLL Initiates by post count, but are actually LIMIT Initiates. SynHDey and $leazyy are PAPER DOLL Initiates but should be NOTHING FROM NOTHING Initiates.
8. milky_way is staff but has no special title and takes part in the regular Initiate level system (and is currently a Will Initiate).
9. Instead of the symbol, the A Song for XX Initiate title uses regular capital letter X-es.
10. The AHS Forum Staff list on the home page doesn't seem to be entirely up-to-date: devilayu is listed a staff member, but the user doesn't exist (anymore). Clicking the name opens a new message, but the recipient field is empty. There is a user named Devil Ayu, but they seem to be a different user altogether. pommy48 is listed as a staff member but is currently an H-Initiate and no longer a staff member. Yoake, ayumisrael, DonkeyKongRemix and milky_way are staff members but are not listed on the home page.
11. Exploring older threads will show you some users who closed their accounts (but how many in total can only be guessed). It also suggests that back in 2003, for instance, it was possible to post as a Guest on the forums.
12. There are (at this exact moment) 20,842 registered members; of those, 12.877 (a bit over 60%) have a post count of zero.

There is also a star system in place, but I have not had the time yet to map any of it.


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Old 18th July 2022, 01:48 PM
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I've listed all currently known Initiate levels and their definite or estimated cut-off points, so full list above!

I will try and index the star system next.
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