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Originally Posted by MelKeigo View Post
Completely agree with you, Mirrorcle world is one of my favorite ayu songs, I'm actually shocked people dislike it this much XD
I agree! If I ever had to choose only one ayu song I could listen to the rest of my life, it would be Mirrorcle World without any doubt. It's like her modern classic and might be her most iconic song since her prime. I love it so much.

Originally Posted by RealLight View Post
I listened MW before I knew it was an extension of Mirror, and after I listened to it, I always felt it was kinda flat compared to MW.
I always prefered Mirrorcle World over Mirror because Mirror seems too busy and flat + mixing is kinda bad imo.
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Mirrorcle World is iconic and it gave us the best wow ow wowah yeah since evolution shook us
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Mirrorcle World is my favorite song (like ever) Glad to see some love for this epic song, definitely iconic ^^

Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017 - Chapter 2 ~sacrifice~ @ Chiba [2017/11/21]
Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017 - Chapter 3 @ Nara [2017/12/03]
21st anniversary ~POWER of A^3~ @ Saitama [2019/04/06]
21st anniversary ~POWER of A^3~ @ Saitama [2019/04/07]
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Originally Posted by njanjayrp View Post
This. I also used it as a ringtone (though it was the start of the song).
I'm gonna out myself by jumping on this bandwagon. I was completely obsessed with Mirrorcle World. I loved this release so much (the song, the single, the PV) that I actually made custom ringtones from multiple parts of the song and used them for my call tone, text alert, and alarm

ah the good old days of custom ringtones
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dreamed a dream, kazuyoshi shimomura, tetsuya komuro

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