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Originally Posted by Zeke. View Post
Idk, the whole naked thing has been so played out now. She can't do it any better than she already has done it. It so repetitive now and kind of like "low hanging fruit" to grab for attention.

At this point it comes off as
"well I ain't got much else so here's my tit."
At this point I think she just likes to be naked and is proud of it. She's done it too many times for it to be as effective as the first time that it was surprising and 'fresh'. Now it's like her titty slips out and wam bam photoshoot! since it has happened so many times and for a time, it was like every year she did a "nude" shoot in some form for something. I'd like for her to stop if only because I'm kinda worried about how it makes her look but she's going to do what she wants regardless and it's not like a majority of people don't already have a sort of neutral/negative view of her.

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