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Old 15th May 2016, 01:41 PM
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Arena Tour 2016 MADE IN JAPAN: 5/15 Nagoya Show report.

Today like the previous years, I was able to attend the second day of Ayu's tour in its Nagoya leg. It was an awesome show. So as far and clear as i can remember, i'll try my best to share what I saw.

I arrived probably an hour an a half before gates are opened on the venue. It was a bit sunny and hot but people are still lining up for the goods. I just bought a shirt, sports tower and light uchiwa.
I looked for some place to rest until the time they allowed us to enter.

I got a G-block stand this time. Although its a stand seat, it wasn't really that bad. I had a wonderful view of the stage. Although far, i'm more happy with this than the seat I got on the CDL where were were very near from the stage but since we're like just beside the LCD on the right side of the main stage l, we couldn't really see some parts of the stage too.

We waited. People started to call Ayu until they dimmed the lights and the show started. Mysteriously, they didn't sound any siren this time.

I'll put the setlist review on spoilers. They'll surely be not 100% accurate so if anyone who also attended today can help me elaborate more, please do so


01. tasky

The concert started with I think the same screen they used for the CDL but is more elaborate this time. Tasky worked really well for the intro and delivered a good introduction about how the show will look/sound like.


The curtains were raised and the whole troupe with Ayu at the very top of a huge staircase placed in the middle of the main stage. She was wearing a white wierd kimono. The song was performed with the same arrangement as CDL. As the song progresses, she descends on the stairs as well. I think they just used the same production as the CDL too this time. Her voice was really good here. While the song reaches its end, a boat decorated with lots of flowers emerged at the back. The song ended and they dimmed the lights again.


When the song started, Ayu is already on the boat. She was singing there until i think the first chorus. During the second verse, the dancers lifted the boat and slowly carried Ayu to the center stage. Two lion dancers (as in the Chinese Lion dance) appeared too as the song progresses. Her voice during this song is OK. She sounded well on the verses but a lot of shouting during the chorus. The song ended and the lights were dimmed off.


The intro of WARNING started. The lights effect during the intro were the same as the CDL however when Ayu started to sing, the photo they used on Tell All appeared on the screen. It seems that Ayu only removed the white kimono. Same arrangement and choreography.

I think that was the end of the "Spring" part.

Band introduction has started. After that, a huge white curtain closed the main stage. They started projecting rainy scenes in it. Then several performers also appeared with umbrellas and danced. The screen was so gloomy. Then the next song started.

05. rainy day

Rain started pouring as projected on the white curtain. Ayu appeared on the center of the stage. I 100% sure she was wearing the dress she wore in the HANABI performance of a-nation 2004 (which she also reused several times). Her hair was short in this performance too. She sounded good here. the song ended and the projections on the white curtain was also changed into starry skies.

06. MOON

When the song started, the moon being reflected on the sea was projected on the curtain. Same arrangement and nice vocals. When the song ended, the white curtain was opened, however there is still a see-through curtain that was left. They started to project some underwater scenes. Two acrobatic performers appeared at the back as if they are swimming up and down. The effect was awesome and I think this part is really genious. Then when this scene ends, the curtain was opened and the huge staircase on the first part is already gone. They were showing dessert scenes at the main screen. Male dancers appeared and started to dance to an edm/rnb/hiphop kind of beat.

Then the intro of Inspire started. I really really enjoyed this part.


More dancers appeared on the stage during the intro until Ayu ascended just before she sang the verse. People, the 2003-2004 ayu made a comeback with her hairstyle. She looked exactly like her 2003 self LOL. She was wearing a shining top and pants and her hair was pure live imo lol (i really don't know how to explain it but they were tied on both sides, long and curly.)
same arrangements, good vocals too. As the song progresses, they went to the center stage and back to the main stage until the end.

After that Timmy started cheering the audience up. The intro of You and Me started.

08. You & Me~Lelio~XOXO~glitter

Ayu just surprized us appearing on the stage with a glittery bicycle and rode it to the center stage. Then the dancers also appeared riding bicycles and rode them during the whole performance. This part is rather short but definitely fun. The part ended. They dimmed the lights off.

One performer appeared on the center stage and started dancing to a very dark music. More dancers the appeared and danced until the were on the main stage. When they ended the first performer who appeared on the center stage shouted. Then the intro of Brillante started. Timmy was singing on the chant part too. Then a red circle appeared on the main screen. It grew bigger and bigger.


Ayu ascended on the stage riding a circular/spherical metals with two other acrobats. She was wearing a laced dress here. Her hands were tied on the top. Her voice was really good. the hanging metal i think went up and down during the performance too. The red circle that appeared when the song started grew bigger and bigger and it became something like lava or explosions. the song ended.

10. Mad World
Ayu then appeared on the stage. The metal was no longer there. I definitely was carried away on this performance. Her voice were good on the verse and was kinda shouting on the chorus but she was emotional here. I was holding back my tears in the performance too. When the song ended, one dancer placed ayu's hand covering her mouth. Very symbolic.

11. Endless sorrow
This is the part when Ayu did acrobatics. when The song started, two acrobatic performers appeared on the stage. One of them removed the hand of Ayu from her mouth as if she is being freed. The other one was doing acrobatics while being suspended. During the bridge instrumental part, ayu wrapped her arms around the neck of the performer and they ascended. It looked really great and scary lol.

12. ever free (interlude only, no singing)
The performers did the shadow production here.

After that, the started showing something like futuristic buildings on the screen. The intro of Survivor started.

13. Survivor
Ayu ascended on the main stage while sitting a very nice decorated chair. She was wearing a kimono but very short one.

14. until that Day...
Just the usual choreography too with the same costume. It was my personal favorite song during the previous tours so I enjoyed this part as well.

After that, they started showing snowfall on the main screen.

15. Days

Ayu then appeared on the main stage wearing a knee-length dress. She looked so simple yet very pretty. She sounded good here too. She started to walk to the center stage as the song progresses.

16. You were...
One dancer appeared at the back of Ayu when You Were... started. And they did the same old choreography of two persons that cannot be together i think? lol However, Ayu also sounded good here. She walked back to the main stage as the song progressed too.

After that, the lights were dimmed off. The monkey appeared on the center stage. Two other performers appeared too and acted like they wanted to catch the monkey. After that, the intro of evolution started. It was just an oriental and peaceful piano arrangement. Ayu appeared on the center stage and started singing.

17. evolution (MADE IN JAPAN ver.) ~ SURREAL

This version of evolution is pure love. Ayu started singing the verse and first chorus really slow while walking to the main stage. Then the curtains were opened and the dancers are on the huge staircase (which they used on the first part) with TAIKO DRUMS. I think its already the original arrangement from the second verse of evolution to SURREAL. its just that Taiko beats are emphasized. I loved this part as much as I love the sound of Taiko drums.

18. vogue (MADE IN JAPAN ver.)
A very Japanese version of Vogue too. They where showing many many flowers on the mainscreen during the performance. Ayu sounded great. The whole section was definitely awesome IMO although i feel that this is kinda out of place since the Spring part has already ended.

19. You are the only one
I honestly think Ayu sounded best on this song during the whole concert. Ayu sang on the main stage. On the second verse, the dancers appeared with the feathery fans. Same old productions. but nevertheless Ayu's voice is really good here. On the ending part, they started to shout thank yous which signaled the end of the main concert.


20. Mr. Darling
Ayu appeared on the main stage. She was wearing the tour shirt but is designed differently and some ragged jeans. Her hair was short and simple but she looked really fresh, simple yet pretty. I kinda didn't like her voice in this one because I feel like she has overdone her cutesy voice here. lol

MC + dance lesson for Summer Love

For the MC section, Ayu said that she was so nervous on the first day. But felt calm on the second day because she knew what else can be improved or done based on the first day. She then called ZIN and taught us simple hand gestures for the next song.

21. Summer Love
I have a feeling that this is going to be the new You and Me. I mean, the new concert staple. The song was really fun live and the audience seemed to be enjoying it too.

22. Boys & Girls
Same choreography/production with signed balls being thrown to the audience. Definitely audience favorite staple lol. Ayu introduced the Band Members in this part too.

When the song ended, they started showing messages on the screen. They said something like "We Are ALONE" and all we need is Love.

Ayu was kinda emotional on this song. They were also showing the lyrics of the song on the screen. Ayu's vocals are good despite being emotional. Ayu introduced the dancers on the latter part. Then silver tapes exploded on the arena. Ayu Started saying thank you's and the curtains were lowered. They lights were dimmed off too but the audience still were calling Ayu.

double encore
24. MY ALL
All of a sudden, the intro of My All started. Same choreography and production. I must admit that My All is really great to end the concert.

Generally speaking, this was a solid concert. Although I feel like it's a slight step backwards if you'll compare it to last year's tour, this one definitely has its gems.

Overall, i would rate her vocals for this show 8/10. The costumes are rather simple but classy and fits the theme.

On this i definitely loved with this show are the transitions. They are far more interesting IMHO this time.


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