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Old 6th March 2007, 01:46 AM
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Keypoints from recent Ayumi TV appearances

I decided to make a thread for the keypoints that I've posted about Ayu's recent blast of TV interviews. More points will be added as I watch what I've downloaded.
**These are not episode summaries. It is just a list of things Ayu said that I found interesting.

From Tetsuko's Room - On Air 2/21/07
- Both Ayu and Tetsuko like things that are shiny and glittery (kirakira daisuki) which is why Ayumi brought the things that she did. Tetsuko mentions that even Ayu's dress is kirakira.
- one of Ayu's hobbies is collecting shoes (I have the same hobby myself). She says that she very rarely even wears the shoes she collects. The only exception is if it were for a special event.
- Ayu says that her mike is covered with black rhinestones. So it's a possibility that the other items are rhinestones and not crystals
- She does not use 5 cellphones. The one she uses now is the one on the far left (the all silver covered one) and the others are old ones.
- For the 'JEWEL' PV, the feathers/glitter that were pasted to her eyes were painful
- Ayu mentions that for today's nails, it took about 3 hours to do
- She brought a staff of about 10 (including her manager, stylist, hair stylist, make-up artist, and nailist)
- When Ayu hears that something is good for her health, she immediately tries it even though she doesn't know anything about it
- She's not really interested in food. She doesn't have much of a preference towards anything. She doesn't eat fast food much, though. At home, she'll eat whatever is in her fridge regardless of whether or not it's a real meal. She loves eating snacks & desserts.
From Music Station - On Air 2/23/07
- They focused on Ayu's 'evolution' era since that was the song she performed.
- When asked why she wore them, her answer was, "I have no idea."
- When asked about the shippo (tail), she said that she realized the ones she wore kept getting bigger as time passed, the last finally going as far as her knee.
- The ones she wore for her performances were her "work shippo." Tamori asks if she wore them normally. She says that after work, she'd take off the work shippo and then attach her own.
- She has about 30 shippo of various colors and chose them depending on what she wore.
- Tamori asks if she still wears them and Ayu replies, "Well, I'm an adult now..."
From SmapxSmap - On Air 2/26/07
- Ayu says she kept messing up on the performance, so she doesn't know which take they used for the show
- "Voyage" is easier for the guys to sing compared to other Ayu songs
- Goro kept saying that Ayu "looks like a doll." When the other guys pick on him for that, he says, "I'm just kidding...but seriously it's true."
- Regarding the use of "Boku" in Ayu's lyrics = She says that it's easier to sing in a verse than "Watashi." She doesn't look upon it as being more masculine. She says while using "boku" in her lyrics, it separates herself from the voice of the speaker in her songs. It makes it less personal.
- Ayu says it's ok to put an arm around her while performing to add to the atmosphere of the performance
- SMAP comments that this is a longer medley than usual.
From Hanamaru Cafe - On Air 2/28/07
- The first pic is of Ayu and her mom in Hawaii. Ayumi says that many people comment that she and her mother are very similar in the face
- Ayu takes long baths. If it's in the morning, it's "only" for 1 1/2 hours. If it's in the evening, it can go for 2-3 hours. Her fingers get very wrinkly. How can she stay in the bath for that long in the PM? She watches a movie while relaxing in the tub.
- Maron is with Ayu the most. She still has 5 dogs but 2 of them are afraid to go outside, so she generally takes 3 of them with her for shoots and stuff. She named her dogs after desserts because she likes sweets.
- She talks about collecting heels. She has a room solely for shoes and has no idea how many she has. There's special illumination for the shoes (which are lined up) and she likes to stare at them in accomplishment. She even buys shoes that she can't wear if she likes the way they look. She is the type to buy many shoes of similar style.
- She brings her own pillow and bed mat for hotel stays because otherwise the bed is too soft or too hard.
- She likes rhinestones. She says she has rhinestones on her cell, phone strap and even her personal computer (her gestures seem to indicate she uses a laptop). She has rhinestones all over the front of the computer. Even if she gets a new computer, she'll have it covered with rhinestones also
- The outfit she wore in the "part of ME" PV weighed 20kg because there were rhinestones sewn all over it (even though you can't really see them)
From Hey! Hey! Hey! - On Air 2/26/07
- She has been doing Asia tour rehearsals for about 2 months. They begin at noon and end around 2am.
- She gets about 3 1/2 hours of sleep a night (she has mentioned this in other interviews from a couple years ago)
- she will sleep outside with a jacket and sunglasses.
- she awakes with a laugh
- She has a pink [mini] refrigerator to store can beer only. They are lined up nicely inside. When left alone, she drinks on average 5-6 cans.
From Music Station - On Air 3/2/07
- They are moving about 600 tons of set overseas for the Asia tour! She is also bringing the 300 staff members who partake in the tour process
- Again, she mentions that she brings her own pillow and bed mat for hotel stays

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Old 6th March 2007, 03:01 AM
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she's an adult now.

I just want to forget it all, without even saying "goodbye."
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Old 6th March 2007, 03:01 AM
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- Tamori asks if she still wears them and Ayu replies, "Well, I'm an adult now..."
Hahah too funny Ayu is so adorable...

And I heard she drinks this green smelly drink with algae and stuff? I think it's very similar to Bolthouse Farm's Green Goodness, which is delicious.
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Old 6th March 2007, 03:47 AM
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- She has a pink [mini] refrigerator to store can beer only. They are lined up nicely inside. When left alone, she drinks on average 5-6 cans.
This made me laugh so hard.

God, I love Ayu.

Thanks for this! Very interesting~
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Old 6th March 2007, 04:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Kei Rei View Post
This made me laugh so hard.

God, I love Ayu.

Thanks for this! Very interesting~
5-6 cans, I thought it was 9, I guess I misheard.
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Old 6th March 2007, 04:14 AM
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Thanks for posting this! All this collecting and excess of things makes me think "ayu, you're too cute!" but then another part of me thinks of the "crazy lady with all the cats" syndrome, where the person is very lonely and resorts to collecting more than they can enjoy individually...ayu such a complex person that I can't just pin this to "she's effin' RICH!". But besides that overthinking...

A lot of her replies made me giggle! The thing about the shippo lol.I'm confused about the "she awakes with a laugh" she wakes up going "AHAHA!"...? lmao
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Old 6th March 2007, 05:15 AM
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wooo! Go us girls and long showers!!! Long showers are the best ever!

oh yeah, and of course, her little pink fridge...

☆ bunnnniiiieeeesssss ☆

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Old 6th March 2007, 05:36 AM
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She's such a drunkee~ xD

Originally Posted by ComatoseBunnySnatcher View Post
^ Hey, if I went deaf and broke my leg for a company you'd bet your ass i'd get my money's worth! Ayu is a smart HBIC!

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Old 6th March 2007, 05:42 AM
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I collect shoes too except I'm more of a collecting converse person. Or ballet flats, because I can get them in different colors and everything.

Go long showers. I wonder if Ayu sing in the showers?

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Old 6th March 2007, 06:37 AM
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I take long showers too! I think my average time is an hour. Go Ayu~! Now I don't feel so bad. Haha.
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Old 6th March 2007, 07:45 AM
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wow thanks so much for providing this!!
now i can understand what are they talking about even with points~
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Old 6th March 2007, 08:12 AM
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wow thanks for these! Theyre very interesting indeed. 600 tons of set and 300 staff for the overseas tour? wow...I wanna see! hopefully it will be on dvd...T_T
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Old 6th March 2007, 08:17 AM
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5-6 cans of beer.. wow, I'm amazed at how much she drinks! lol!!
Some of Ayu's answers are soo funny!
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Old 6th March 2007, 08:24 AM
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oh wow! thanks for the summaries! It was a great read It's so exciting to hear that shes bringing her entire set (well, almost XD) to her Asia tour.. Aww lucky fans
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Old 6th March 2007, 08:49 AM
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Wow...that's...a lot of beer.

So if Ayu gets a mini pink fridge, does that mean I could get an orange one somewhere?
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Old 6th March 2007, 08:51 AM
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amazing! thats so cool. thanks for translating!
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Old 6th March 2007, 08:54 AM
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Ayu seems to be quite the workaholic..

And the beer thing seems kind of like something she'd do.. she does love her beer. Whenever we see her in the offshots, she's got this huge cup of it. :O

I'm amazed that they're doing so much for the Asia Tour.. O_O
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Old 6th March 2007, 11:03 AM
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Thanks xDD+

Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017 - Chapter 2 ~sacrifice~ @ Chiba [2017/11/21]
Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017 - Chapter 3 @ Nara [2017/12/03]
21st anniversary ~POWER of A^3~ @ Saitama [2019/04/06]
21st anniversary ~POWER of A^3~ @ Saitama [2019/04/07]
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Old 6th March 2007, 11:13 AM
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Hahaha, Ayu the drunk.

Thanks very much for translating these key points
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Old 6th March 2007, 11:49 AM
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very interesting..thanks for translate and resume it...
600tons?! thats crazy and need a lot of money..i'm really sure that the dvd will content the tour at japan and overseas..really cant wait

Ayumi Hamasaki...Queen of my life...

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