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Old 26th July 2012, 03:48 AM
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ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~ information thread [III]

As always, I will try to gather all information regarding this tour in this thread.

Sources include Twitter, Ameblo, photozou, mixi, 2ch, a few select Japanese BBSes, and users here and at other forums.

Finale setlist/etc
01.Happening here
02.Song 4 u
03.Tell me why
04.reminds me
07.Shake It♥
08.STEP you
11.the next LOVE
13.kiss o’ kill
14.Ladies Night
15.Party queen
17.Love song

18.One Night Carnival (with Kishidan)
19.Boys&Girls beautiful you are
21.Thank U

01.Happening Here
03.reminds me
04.Tell me why
06.a cup of tea
07.Shake It♥
08.STEP you
11.the next LOVE
12.Eyes, Smoke, Magic
13.Return Road
14.Serenade in A minor
15.Ladies Night
16.Party queen
18.Love song

20.You & Me
21.Boys&Girls beautiful you are

Songs used during the encore:
Letter (4/8, 4/14)
call (4/15, 4/21, 5/3)
Last angel (5/4, 5/12, 5/13, 5/26, 5/27)
UNITE! (5/13, 5/19, 5/20, 5/26, 5/27, 6/9)
independent (6/16)
a song is born instead of how beautiful you are (6/16)
Greatful days (6/23, 6/30, 7/28, 7/29, 8/11)
BLUE BIRD (6/30)
July 1st (7/1)
HANABI (7/22, 8/12)
You & Me (7/22, 7/28, 7/29)

Lines seem to indicate costume changes.

01.Happening Here
02.reminds me
03.Tell me why
05.Shake It♥
06.STEP you
09.the next LOVE
10.Eyes, Smoke, Magic
11.Return Road
12.Ladies Night
13.Party queen
15.Love song

17.Boys&Girls beautiful you are

- the show was like an updated [version up!] version of CDL11-12
- the show was about half Ayu and half dancers
- Ayu may have had a costume change every few songs
- there was not one single large screen, but rather they were a bunch of screens connected together like AT10/7days Special
- Ayu messed up Boys&Girls at the first show
- she wears a wig for most of the concert (lots of different wigs)
- Shake It♥ is performed in a maid outfit
- Ayu's dress during Return Road changes colors via LED lights
- her encore outfit is pink shorts with pink shoes and the pink concert T-shirt with pink wristbands


01.Love song
02.Happening Here
05.reminds me
06.Like a doll
07.Tell me why
08.Eyes, Smoke, Magic
09.a cup of tea
10.the next LOVE
11.sending mail
12.LOVE 'n' HATE
13.Return Road
16.Shake It♥
19.Party queen
20.Happening Here (chorus only)

Video/recorded audio

Stunning. Video from the live. Dang, and the footage is from the HD cameras they use for the tour usually.. OHOHOHO. Also she is nailing Missing live.

Her One Night Carnival voice is so very 1995-Ayu, haha.

LacusClyne's personal rips from April 8th concert

14th anniversary news clip

Outfits/Photos from venues
Originally Posted by Aderianu View Post

Originally Posted by Foyuki View Post
news report pics

Originally Posted by Aderianu View Post
pics from different news
can't wait to see the video >_<

Originally Posted by Aderianu View Post

Originally Posted by Aderianu View Post
more pictures from yahoo auction

Originally Posted by Aderianu View Post

The stage appears to be the same as CDL's. (from earlier in the day)

The secret collectible in the cookies is a phone strap that's... a cookie! [not a real one, obviously.]

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Old 26th July 2012, 03:26 PM
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So here is my journey to watch this year Ayu concert at Nagoya (Nippon Gaishi Hall) ~ 1st July 2012 ~
(Sorry for my bad English, hope you still can understand my story)

I arrived at Nippon Gaishi Hall around 3.10 PM, the weather is bad, rainy with big wind...

From the station, it tooks about 7 minutes walking to the venue. From the moment i saw the building, my heart already pounding so fast. Finally, my dream comes true, watching Ayu concert live in Japan.

The doors already open, but i want to buy merchandise first and then walking around the venue, and feels the situation surrounding by Ayu fans.

I just bought Umbrella, Big Towel and Uchiwa. I want to buy the photobook, but it's expensive, so i skip it. After that there is a lot of tour staff screaming, telling us to get inside. I feel so excited that finally i will know where is my seat, is it on the back, at the front? where?
I walked to entrance gate, i showed my ticket, the staff said something in Japanese, i immediately said "eigo? can you speak English?", as soon as i said that, she feels so nervous and confuse. She can't speak English, she used her hands, making lot of gesture, i finally get it, i take wrong entrance, this one is for Stand area, my ticket is for Arena area, so she said for me to take kaidan (stair) go down and enter from there. LOL...many thanks to her, she tried so hard.

I just realise that i can get downstairs, and wow..there is so many people there and there is another merchandise stand, a lot of Ayu-fans do cosplaying as well, so i decide to stay for a while before going into the building, i feel so happy see a lot of dedicated Ayu-fans. Sometimes it feel so lonely becoming Ayu-fans, rarely find someone that has the same interest, so when i see a lot of Ayu-fans, i want to take some time and feel their presence around me and it feels amazing, i'm not alone, there are so many peoples feels the same way like me. Here is some photos that i took...

you see the queue on the bottom part of the left photo, the queue is just to take photo in the front of that superayu poster...crazy!!! they really love to queue for everything


When i depart from Indonesia (25th June) There is no news yet about she will release summer best compilation, so it's a big suprise for me to see it...and i really love that promo poster, i want to take it with me...LOL

After a while, it's already 15.40 so i decide to get into the excited!
This time i get into the right entrance, but there is security staff asked me question, but i don't understand what he said, looks like he want to see what inside my bag, we both got question mark on our face, he said "", i said "yes, i bring camera" after that he said something in Japanese, but i don't understand and he let me go...LOL...

After that there is a board showing where we seat, and there is some staff that can help you out, but i figure it out by myself, i already got really seat very close to the circle stage...i keep checking again and again, and i feel confidence that i figure it out. I walking through the board and there is two or three ladies offering a lightstick, i thought that thing is not official, but IT IS official..i think it's official, i regret to not buying it, until now i still regret it. The price is 1000YEN for one stick. Stupid me for didn't buy it.

I entered the concert room, and WOW...i already feel so excited, because i really don't have any idea of what the tours will gonna looks like, i decided for not checking the thread about it here in AHS, i see the stage, and i recognize it as CDL 2011-2012 stage, but it doesn't bother me...the purple light make it looks so majestic and luxurious....After that i focused myself to find my seat...finally i found it, and WOWWWWWW...i'm really in the middle of the room, really center and so close to the circle stage, i really can't believe that i can be this lucky. I bought TA tickets, which is lottery ticket, you won't know your seat until week before concert, but i ended up got a very amazing lucky is that?

I'm aware that i quiet tall for Asian (190cm), so i feel bad for whoever sit behind me, but luckily, there is no more line behind my seat, behind my seat is sound system operator and everything that operate the machine, i saw kobayashi Shingo seat saw him...

seat beside me still empty, so i can sit freely, my body is quiet big compare to the space they give for one person, the chair they give is so little. But just after a while, it's already occupied by japanese girls. In one row, it's just me who is a guy. LOL...i feel like a king with a lot of japanese girls around me. While waiting i tried to take photograph of the stage (naughty me) but it's so hard...the security is so tight and everywhere. While waiting there is video on side screen, explaining about different area in the hotel like Lobby, room, lounge, garden with naration by Timmy (his low voice...)

After a while, the room get black out and the fan and stick show the pink light. So beautiful!

01.Happening Here

I forget how the concert begin, but i think they show video, i don't really remember the video but after that the curtain rising and Ayu come from above just like CDL2011-2012 singing Happening Here. I don't really like the song, but the song is amazing for the concert, really pumping up the audience energy! Love the outfit...

The Concert divided into separate theme representing part of the hotel, before each theme, there always video, staring by Timmy with his extravagant costume, opening the door, doing unnecesary movement and then get into the door...LOL

Theme : Room
They show a video, inside room hotel, many things they did inside the room, like making out between boss and secretary, couple fall in love, jealousy, and ended with Maro (or Shu-ya? i forget) and Ayu angry with each other. I really love the video on this concert...

02.reminds me
There is moving half circle stage inside the main stage, pretty cool...the dancer acted as continuation of the video...i think there is triangle love story, i need to watch the dvd to really understand the story.
Ayu appear and sings reminds me...Her voice sounded very similar to the studio version, but she definitely sings live throughout the concert...
She messed up the last "lalala" part...she sings it faster than the part she need to sings it...

03.Tell me why
Another performance about the love story in that performance, but more into Ayu and Maro (or Shu-ya)...Japanese really into the performance i think...

Video - Ayu sleeping (looks pretty like a Goddess), Maro beside her, he wake up and goes into another room, Ayu awake and crying (i think...i don't really remember it well)

a big suprise when i hear the intro...WOW APPEARS!!! I think Japanese really love her classic songs, i feel a lot of suprise and happy to hear she sings appears. Similar to MOON performance but more the song with her current voice...deeper and just amazing...

Theme : Staff room
Ayu with her female dancer peeking from windows to watch dorama on TV, Ayu wearing glasses, and acted crying while watching the tv and it made me melting...she is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute....i hear "kawaiiiiiiiiiii" all over the place...she did looks SUPER KAWAII wearing glasses, and then Subaru as their manager (i think) came and ask them to continue their works. After Gomi gone, looks like Ayu made Subaru as his replacement to played the role as flamboyant man. But Ayu become a rebel worker, and she start to throw things to suba-sama, and other workers following her, so the situation become messy, and then she reveal her kitty cat maid costume....GOOOOODDDDDDDDDD she is so pretty and kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....Background song : a cup of tea

05.Shake It♥
The best costume in the concert...i just can't describe how cute she looks...i just love it so much. Subaru really try his best to copy Gomi flamboyant style...not as good as Gomi, but he did a good job. Audience together on "one, two, three, four" part....Ayu voice is so sexy..

06.STEP you
Another suprising song...i feel a lot of Cheers for the song...very fun, definitely very popular Ayu song...audience sing it together...the coreography become a little weird though, because there are just Ayu and her female dancer...but still so much fun! Ayu voice sounded a little different from the way she used to sing this song, i love this version, and she handle the song near perfection. Just love her voice so much.

Theme : Bar
There is video, but i can't really remember what happened in the video...i think there are some fight scene...don't know, i don't really remember...

Timmy come to the center...i feel a little annoyed by his part on the studio version, but see it live...i don't think it's that bad...Love the rap part...she definitely sings that part Live...i think she dance a little in this song...need confirmation for this...

I just have feeling that this song come after NaNaNa...and love the song...different with CDL, Ayu really hear our opinions, she keep moving while singing to this much fun with No No No part and she did again crazy movement towards the end...i believe she sings the verse part live. Love it...Love it...

Theme : Grand Ballroom
I forget if there is video or not, but i remember to open this segment, Maro did a very cool tap dance...

09.the next LOVE
Definitely very different song from Ayu...i feel that Japanese not really feel the song, they still swinging their fan and light stick, but not really show any excitement towards the song. Ayu voice sounds really good though...

10.Eyes, Smoke, Magic
I don't really like the song, so much thing going on in this song, kinda like's fun, but Ayu fans definitely not used to this kind of song. Broadway style! But Ayu looks so sexy with her outfit. The audience still give big applause for the performance!

Theme : Garden

11.Return Road
Ayu dancer appearing with mask and black cape...very creepy, Another act between Ayu and her male dancer (maybe Shu-ya this time)...unrequited love. Ayu appearing in black wedding gown and LED light on the top part. Showing blue light, but it change to orange i think towards the end and back to blue. VERY COOL!!! definitely HIGHLIGHT performance for this year concert.

I think tissue dancer appearing after Return Road, i'm not sure...

Theme : i forget the theme for this part...

12.Ladies Night
Similar to CDL 11-12, she sings the rap part live...audience love the song and sing along...extravagant performance with a lot of things going on the stage...

13.Party queen
the LOVE decoration get into the stage, this time she sit on the top of O font. so audience can see her. I cried in this song...why? already mentioned here in this thread before on the last part of the chorus she stop the song, and made the song become ballad and change the words to "I'm the lonely queen...I'm the lonely queen" she really sings it from her heart, and i can feel her emotion, not faking it...i feel so touched...she chocked up a little bit, and i can feel that the audience feel the same way as me...and suddenly the song back to upbeat version

LOVE LOVE LOVE this part, i know maybe you feel so tired with this part, but if you come and see her live, you definitely want to experience this part, singing together, throwing punch on evolution and everything is just so much fun

15.Love song
They acted like the main part of the concert already ended, they acted confuse, we keep on shouting for Ayu to sings more, and then she acted like giving a bonus for us, and sings Love song. (i think this part is really unnecessary). Really happy to hear Love song live....her voice is so powerful!

Just like what we watch on DVD, while waiting maybe just take about 5-8 minutes, audience keep shouting "ayu...(clap)... ayu...(clap)... ayu...(clap)..."

and then the encore part open by Dance show time...i record this part by using my handphone (very naughty me...LOL), they use medley of Ayu remix song (I want this remix!). The quality of the video is not really good, but you can feel the energy of the audience, and see little part of the stage...WARNING the quality is not good...but if you watch it, you definitely won't see Japanese who stand still, they clapping, dancing, shouting and enjoy it a lot. So i feel weird for people said Japanese is so silent, i don't see it at the concert that i attend, they are pretty energic for me.

After the dance session ended Ayu came out and talk, not much talk...she mentioned about July 1st and then she decided to sing it which is got a very huge positive response from the audience...

she wear the same costume, but her hair is long blond, little wavy i think...

16.July 1st
Love the song, love the movement, love her current voice...

somebody mention that she sings Greatful days after July 1st, but no...she didn't sing Greatful days...

Sings together, love the movement in the end part...everything is just so much fun... beautiful you are
My tears start to flowing in this song...i see the girls beside me cried too...Ayu said that this is the last Nagoya concert for this year (in my heart i, Japanese are so lucky to have her here in Japan, she will come back next year, for me...i don't know when i can see her again). Very beautiful...she sings really well...papers pyro explode after bridge right before last chorus...i regret that i'm too busy collecting the paper for me and Indonesian Ayu fans, so i missed the last part of the chorus.
So i keep my eyes on Ayu after that...following her every movement, bowing here and there, shouting arigatou and stuff.
Beautiful...just beautiful...

1. I already watched her twice asia tour 2008 and this year concert, i enjoyed both of them on the same level, but maybe because i got better seat this year, i even can say that i enjoyed this concert more than the 2008 one.
2. She sings live in all songs...her voice is really good for me. Even better than 2008, more powerful and constant.
3. Many people said that Japanese hate Timmy, but i don't feel that vibe in the concert that i watch, when timmy move to the front or in the circle stage, i see a lot of people waving to him and cheering him. Even i can hear some japanese girl called his name...i don't really distracted by his presence as well, i think Timmy aware with a lot of bad opinion towards him. He become really in the center, i think just in NaNaNa...
4. The japanese is full of energy, they keep on moving, waving, dancing, singing, shouting, etc...check the video for the prove
5. I disagree with the opinion said that the show is half Ayu and half dancer, i don't feel it that way, Ayu charisma is too strong for being overshadow by something else...the concert is still all about Ayu.
6. The demographic of the audience was very diverse, from kid to oldies...but i think there is more female than male attending, maybe about 60/40.

After the concert...

I asked the girls beside me to take my picture, but like usual immediately after me saying english words, they become so nervous, they asked me in Japanese where i come from, i said Indonesia, and their eyes become so big, like not believe that i came this far to watch her concert. They tried to took my picture twice but none of them working, they shaking really hard so the picture is not good.

I took stage picture before i left (we can't took any picture even after the concert ended...which is very crazy and strict rules for me).

Stage picture (you can see the board, it's said that we still can't take any pictures...XD), way out full of Ayu Fans! I want to breathe with them! hahaha

I asked the staff to take picture of me...this time by using better camera, so the shaking is not really showed. But Japanese really nervous with foreigners...they tried their best, but we can feel a lot of nervous energy from them.

pardon for my narcis photo in this thread...LOL, it's day 7 for me, so i already feel so tired and i just experience Ayu concert which is very excited, so i just looks so tired in that photo..hahaha

I'm walking around, and see there are some non-official Ayu merchandise seller, it's very crowded and stupid me to just buy one A logo necklace, i wish to buy more.

After the merchandise seller area, there is parking area, and there is a lot of Ayu Fans cars, not as cool as ayu fans in Tokyo, but still very cool to see fans dedicated so much for her.

In the end...i'm hoping to get another opportunity attending her concert, and all of you, Ayu fans, you really need to work it out and find the way to watch her live. You won't regret it. Once again sorry for my bad English, hope you enjoy my super long report!

Ayumi Hamasaki...Queen of my life...

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^ OH WOW!!!! so much!!
Looks liek you had an awesome time!
Wish I could go... :*(....
I don't think I will ever get to go and see her live!
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AyuGame, thank you so much for your effort to write this!

I enjoyed reading your repot. such a great experience to be there,the way you describe it of from the entrance and with those pics,i can imagine it! so cool to be surrounded by the japanese who share the same interest like us!

and woow at those fans who queued just for taking pic in front of Super Ayu huge stand!
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AyuGAME, great review!
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What a great review
A truly lovely read! Made me feel like I was there Thank you.
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Wow, thank you for such a detailed report. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm loving the fact that Ayu vocals are good again ^^
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I'm loving the fact that Ayu vocals are good again ^^

I'm happy you have spent a good time ^^ You are so lucky Maybe one day I could see her in live ... I hope ...

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AyuGAME I enjoyed a lot your review thank you
sorry for my awful english~

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Awesome experience! I'll really save up for next year's AT haha! Thanks AyuGAME!
I will be the proof that you were here.
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Thank you for reading my review...
Glad to know that you enjoy it...

It's my dream since i started become her fans back in 1999, i make it comes true when i watched her 2008 concert, but that concert was not in Japan. This year, it's really comes true, and the experience watched her concert in Japan is very different feeling than watched it in other country.

need 13 years for me to make my dream comes true, but anything is long as you try your hardest, it's costly (i feel scared looking on my bank account) and not so easy to navigate in Japan (i want to share my adventure in Japan, but don't have time to write it yet). But don't be afraid...lot of AHS members already did the same thing, and they all back safely to their own country. it's possible!

Ayumi Hamasaki...Queen of my life...

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I'm so glad you enjoyed the concert, AyuGAME!! Your review reminds me of my experience back in April... I wish I could go back to Japan to watch this concert again!! >< lol Yeah, my trip wasn't exactly cheap either, but I'm sure you'll agree with me that every cent spent was worth it!

♥ Ayu fan since September 2006 ♥

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Thank you for that wonderful review!!
I'm glad you had such a great experience, it sounds amazing.
It really must be so different from just watching the DVDs. Very cool. I'm glad to hear that ayu is as charismatic as ever

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polka-dot-jewel - yup it's worth it every cent of it, not just experience watched Ayu concert but experience Japan in general is super amazing.

primavera♥ -'s different, because you really enjoyed the moment with tons of Ayu fans, and that is super amazing. Yup...her charisma is so strong...

Ayumi Hamasaki...Queen of my life...

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Great review, AyuGame, I really enjoyed the read!
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Thanks for the awesome review AyuGAME! I'm so happy to see many fans who really deserve to see ayu live finally making their dreams come true

Thank you for sharing your pictures too, it takes me back to 2010 and my first ayu live *o* Good memories!
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Thanks for the review it's really amazing, I didn't catch up the news about this concert, so it's look really interesting now.

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Originally Posted by AyuGAME View Post
So here is my journey to watch this year Ayu concert at Nagoya (Nippon Gaishi Hall) ~ 1st July 2012 ~
In the end...i'm hoping to get another opportunity attending her concert, and all of you, Ayu fans, you really need to work it out and find the way to watch her live. You won't regret it. Once again sorry for my bad English, hope you enjoy my super long report!
Thank you so much for writing that super long report with pictures and all, it was really fun to read!!
I'm so happy for you because you yourself seem to be so happy about having been there again I hope you can go another time!!
(EDIT: Oh wow, I just read you have been for 13 years. Awesome, now I am even more happy you got to go!!)
And I totally agree with you, it is so great to just be in Japan and have like "the real ayu experience" by going to the concert and being with all the other fans. It's wonderful, I hope a lot of international fans will get the chance to experience this, too.

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23.07.2011 & 24.07.2011

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thanks for the review! It's my dream to watch her live to and i feel VERY inspired to do so even more after reading ur review
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Thanks so much! I really enjoyed reading your review
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